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Evil FM Episode 471 80’s metal special part 5 - 1984

July 29, 2022

Good afternoon rockers and here we go with part 5 of our 80's metal special and today we're up to 1984 and man I've got one hell of a show lined up with 20 awesome tracks coming your way for the next 90 minutes or so. I've got tracks from Motorhead, Exciter, WASP, Y & T, Autograph, Twisted Sister, Grave Digger and Slayer along many more.

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Captain Freak-Out's Psychedelic Radio

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If you haven't checked out Captain Freak-Out's Psychedelic Radio then just click the link, head on over and get ready to enjoy some classic stoner and Prog rock courtesy of Nicholas.




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Artwork by the fantastic Luis Royo

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