Evil Fm

Evil FM Episode 470

July 26, 2022

Good evening rockers and here we go with your first fix of metal this week and as usual today's playlist has been compiled for us by Captain Freak-Out himself Nicholas Prom and he's given us some ass kicking tracks for today's show. Coming up we have Testament, King Diamond, Aamonhammer, Destruction, Dokken, Kreator and a lot more.

Be sure to tune in for Friday's episode rockers as we are up to 1984 in our 80's metal special and I've got a killer show lined up with 20 wicked tracks to kick start your weekend.

Check Out The Devil And The Awesome Four 2nd Edition

Captain Freak-Out's Psychedelic Radio

My cousin Michael McDonagh recently started his own little T-shirt business on Spread shirt and he is adding new products all the time. Check it out at the link below and tell him I sent you over ;-)




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If you haven't checked out Captain Freak-Out's Psychedelic Radio then just click the link, head on over and get ready to enjoy some classic stoner and Prog rock courtesy of Nicholas.




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Artwork by the fantastic Luis Royo


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